Soho Theatre is working hard to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Soho Theatre is part of Julie’s Bicycle’s Industry Green scheme, which allowa us to assess our impact and provides us with an annual audit report of our environmental performance, covering energy, waste, water, travel and behaviour. Venues are awarded between 1 and 3 stars for their progress. We currently hold 2 stars for our work in 2013/14.

We hold Green Team meetings quarterly to discuss sustainability measures and new ideas. We attend LTC Green Champions meetings as part of the London Theatre Consortium, a group of 14 London venues.

Between 2010 and 2015, our Energy Efficiency rating on our DEC moved from a G rating (least efficient) to a D rating (above average efficiency).

Here are just some of the things we’re doing at Soho that make our work more sustainable:

• In 2015, we used part of a Capital Grant from Arts Council England to replace our chiller and upgrade our air conditioning. This has made the cooling of the building more efficient. We need to cool our performance spaces during each performance to keep our audience comfortable, even in cool weather.

• Each week, we update the timings of our air conditioning system to match the activities taking place in our performance spaces. The aircon isn’t left on unnecessarily.

• Throughout 2015, we are decommissioning hot water tanks that we no longer need, to reduce our gas usage and heat the right amount of water for our needs.

• We have invested £30,000 in GDS LED house and working lights in our theatre spaces and foyers, to reduce the amount of energy required during the day. These spaces are used for rehearsals, workshops, hires and other activity.

• We’re working on making our productions more sustainable by passing on items for other theatre companies to use. The Set Exchange website has been incredibly useful. For the story of how we reused hundreds of apples in the recent production of The Harvest, head here.

• We buy green electricity, and track our consumption on a monthly basis.

• Soho Theatre Bar purchased reuseable plastic glasses, to start cutting down on the number of disposable plastics thrown away each night.

Click the links on the right hand side to download Soho Theatre’s Environmental Policy and our Industry Green Certificate for 2013/14