Soho Theatre meets... Danusia Samal #SohoRising17

Wed 18 October 2017

The Soho Theatre Young Company (SYC) is a melting pot of new and growing talent for those aged 11+. With numerous courses encorporating all aspects of comedy, theatre and playwriting it has quickly become one of the top arts education programmes in London and beyond. This autumn Soho Theatre plays host to shows from a bunch of its brightest new voices, including SYC members, in the Upstairs space – a studio originally designed for ‘emerging companies, young people and brave new writing.’

We had a chat with Danusia Samal ahead of her Soho Rising show here

Nice to meet you! What’s your name?
Danusia Samal.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
My first job was as a busker on the London underground. When I first started, I had just turned 18. At the time I was the youngest licensed busker on the scheme.
As a kid I lived in an estate in London, a shanti-town in Turkey, and a 3-storey house in Yemen.
I eat about 6 apples a day.

Tell us about your experience of SYC.
Writing can be quite a solitary endeavour. What SYC provides a brilliant support network. We meet regularly, give each other feedback, read each other’s work, and attend each other’s shows. I’ve learnt so much, not just from the sessions we did, but also the other writers and theatre makers on the scheme. Ticket deals to Soho productions also mean I get to watch and be inspired by a lot of the best theatre in London.

What’s your show about?
My show is inspired by 10 years of busking on the underground and all the bizarre and wonderful people I met. In this city, we are often solitary. We don’t make eye contact and we keep our heads down. There is so much we never notice. This play is about what happens when you stop and listen to the stories of London. It’s about a busker whose life is changed by a chance encounter. About music, love, loneliness and reaching each other.

Why should people come and see it?
Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered what that guy wailing Bob Marley down a windy tube tunnel is thinking! Buskers get an utterly unique perspective on this city and this people. I’ve learnt so much from crooning to perfect strangers and I’d love to share it with you. There’s weird and wonderful characters to meet, lots of live and all-original music, spoken word, and a great story to be told.

You can catch Danusia Samal in Busking It on Nov 2 at 7pm.

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