Soho Theatre meets... Marcel Lucont

Mon 24 April 2017

We had a chat with Marcel Lucont ahead of his run here from Mon Apr 24

Hi! Nice to meet you, what’s your name?
You know this. It is Marcel Lucont.

Where are you from?
Roubaix, France, European Union.

What brings you here?

Sorry, didn’t get you a drink, what would you like?
I have brought my own, it is often safer that way.

Some crisps or nuts?
If you believe my choice of wine will go well with squirrel food or massacred potatoes you clearly don’t know me at all, as I was beginning to suspect.

So, what’s so special about your show?
Well, this has confirmed it for certain. This year’s show contains all the exquisite wry observations of life, louche musings and Gallic insight one can expect from a Marcel Lucont show, but I shall also be allowing audience members to recount past woes, misdemeanours and unfortunate occurrences. Do not worry, it is still mostly about me.

How did the idea of the show come about?
In the past I have been accused of a negative bias towards British customs, mannerisms and attitudes. I felt it therefore timely to allow British audiences themselves to reveal such truths, proving me to be correct all along.

Do you come here often?
Evidently not often enough…

Where are you going after here…
Metaphorically, to ever higher plains. Physically, Leamington Spa.

You can catch Marcel Lucont’s Whine List here from Monday 24 until Wednesday 26 April before he’s off to higher plains

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