The Soho Theatre Experience

The Soho Theatre Experience

To regular theatregoers, visiting Soho Theatre can feel different.

We have three performances spaces presenting theatre, comedy and cabaret, all intimate venues and all unreserved seats. The atmosphere has been likened to a festival experience due to the large number of shows and audiences each night, all coming together in the buzzy atmosphere of our popular bar which is open to public and performers, as well as to audiences.

We’re proud of this and it’s one of the reasons we can attract audiences of 167,000 a year, and from such a broad age range.

At certain points it does get busy, with audiences for early shows leaving and those for late ones waiting to go in. At these times, we operate a queuing system, outside the building, for customers that want to get into the show and secure their favourite seats – but they’re all great views so if you’d rather not queue, then you’re more than welcome to have a drink in our bar and wait to be called.

We do this to try to maximise your comfort and safety during your visit to Soho Theatre but we do recognise that the ideal would be a bigger bar and foyer – indeed, this is something we’re working on!

In the meantime, we’d very much welcome your feedback on this, or anything else to do with your visit to Soho Theatre. We’re keen to know what you think so please do let us know by emailing

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