Every show we have here at Soho is part of our curated programme. This programme is carefully put together by the Artistic Team; the selection process is rigorous, and we often work with companies for several months before we feel a piece is ready for a run at Soho.

Our venue is not available to hire for ticketed, public performances. If you are interested in hiring us for a private event, please click here

If you would like your show to be considered as part of Soho Theatre‘s curated programme, please email a proposal through to You might like to include such details as:

• Which of our three performance spaces you feel would best suit your piece, and how long you’d hope your run to be (we programme everything from one nighters through to eight-week runs)
• Extracts of the script or videos
• An invitation to any work you’ve got coming up – we’ll always do our best to send a representative to rehearsed readings or full productions
• Details of the creative team you’ve got on board and/or whether you would like to work collaboratively with Soho Theatre on this
• Whether or not you have put together a budget for your show

The Artistic Team meets fortnightly to go over new submissions; if we’re interested in talking to you in more detail about your work, we’ll be in touch. Our priorities are new writing, new adaptations, comedy and cabaret – we don’t usually programme existing scripts. Because of the high level of submissions, we regret it is not always possible to respond to everyone so, if you don’t hear back within 8 weeks, it is unlikely that we are interested in taking the project forward at this time.

The Artistic Team includes freelance and full-time directors and producers, who are often in rehearsals themselves, meeting new theatre companies, or travelling to see shows. For these reasons, there often isn’t anyone available on the phone to talk through your specific application.

You might like to get a sense of how the spaces are used here at Soho by coming to see one of our upcoming shows, or coming along one night for a drink in the bar.

Thank you for your interest in Soho Theatre and we wish you all the very best for your show.